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Marilyn Weigner is the Founder and President of Marilyn Weigner Associates, Inc. and has been a resident of Greenwich Village since 1961. This native New Yorker knows the crooked Village streets like the back of her hand. Marilyn began her boutique Greenwich Village firm over twenty years ago. She has developed an impeccable reputation for fair dealing and service for her clients.

Marilyn knows that the Boards of the best buildings in the Village are fair and non-discriminatory, yet each has their requirements and policies. Some permit students, others pied-à-terres; each building has a different pet policy. Each has different cash and financing requirements. Marilyn knows that nothing wastes the seller's time and money like a Board rejection. Marilyn knows the difference between a serious buyer and someone using a real estate tour for entertainment.

Marilyn's clients profit from her savvy knowledge of Greenwich Village and benefit from her single-minded determination to serve them best.





Marilyn Weigner Associates, Inc.
41 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011
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